About Us

Well, first of all, “us” is really me.  I do have a great support team consisting of friends and family but the designing, sewing and office functions are all done by myself. 

Dancin Dolls started when I decided to sew some outfits for my sisters’ doll.  We were both in nostalgic moods that year so I decided to make miniature versions of our old dance outfits to fit the doll that she had when she was a little girl. We were both so happy with the result I decided to make some for my niece's (who is a fantastic dancer by the way!) American Girl doll and then my friends’ daughters and their friends’ daughters and..., well, you get the picture.  

I was one of those girls that took dance lessons from the time I could walk until I went to college.  There’s nothing like the feeling of being on stage!  Okay, so maybe I wasn’t “professional” material but I sure felt like a star.   Seeing my old costumes on a doll brings back those wonderful feelings and all the memories of friendships that happened because of dance. 

The goal of Dancin Dolls is to give you a quality product that gives you or someone you love a tangible way to hold on to those special feelings and memories for the years to come.